What We do

About Us

The Communication Studies Undergraduate Student Association (better known as COMS Guild, or just the Guild) is a student organization representing all students in Communication Studies and Communications and Cultural Studies at Concordia.

We are committed to enhancing the academic and social experience of students in our department. We put on social events—including pub nights and coffee hours—and we host events with speakers from the field of communications, among other things. Our undergraduate student journals—The Medium and The Message—are published annually, and feature both creative and academic student works.

The Guild also maintains the Communications Undergraduate Student Lounge. The lounge is located in CJ 1.117 and is open to all our members. More information can be found here.

The Guild is composed of 7 executives (plus 2 first year representatives) who are elected annually. You can learn more about the current team here. Or click here for information on how to join the Guild!

Representing Students

In addition to holding social and academic events, the Guild is also the representative of undergraduate students to the Department of Communication Studies.

Members of our executive sit on department meetings—making sure that undergraduate voices are heard when the department is making decisions. Examples of issues we have advocated for include ending unpaid internships, as well as having faculty members take mandatory consent trainings.

If you are an undergraduate in Communications and you are having issues with the department, the Guild is here to raise those issues within the department and advocate for you! To voice a concern, speak with a member of the executive or contact us.